Loyalty Deluxe Box - signiert


mit 6 Bonus Tracks und DVD "Making Of/Live Impressions"
in einer Box mit 36-seitigen Booklet und 8 Fotokarten
inkl. "Til The Day We Are Both Forgotten" EP

01. Black Symphony
02. Want
03. Ernest 2
04. Loyalty
05. Under A Bombay Moon Soon
06. Sunny When It Rains
07. My Name Is Lemon
08. Til The Day We Are Both Forgotten
09. Lobster In The Fog
10. You Are Beautiful And Strange
11. Dream On Planet Cherry
12. When The Wall Of Voodoo Breaks
13. Blue Film And The Jilted Lover (Bonus Track)
14. Censored (Bonus Track)
15. In Pastel Blue (Bonus Track)
16. Til The Day We Are Both Forgotten* (Single Edit)
17. Mungohead* (Bonus Track)
18. Passionless In The House Of Love * (Bonus Track)
19. Mean* (Bonus Track)
* "Til The Day We Are Both Forgotten" EP

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